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Best Practice Lane

Submitted by Early Childhood Providers

Research Lane

Submitted by the Global Research Community

Review Stage 1

Clearinghouse Outcomes and Research Committee

Eight research professionals evaluating submitted projects to determine whether

1) the submitted project research is of high fidelity

2) if implemented, the project could be likely to drive the targeted outcomes

Research Committee

Approved Projects

Clearinghouse Process and Implementation Committee

Nine early childhood professionals evaluating projects that have been approved through the Outcomes and Research Committee

"Can this research be implemented in an early childhood setting?"

If yes, this team works with vendors to develop materials and curriculum to deploy to early childhood providers and to populate a workforce learning management system. 

Review Stage 2

Research Committee & Implementation Committee 

Approved Projects

Development Of:

1) Materials & curriculum for early childhood settings

2) Training modules for Clearinghouse Workforce Professionalization Platform 

Implementation Stage

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