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Teacher with Pupils

Our Approach

The Clearinghouse focuses on all early childhood care and education services, no matter the setting. Our approach is inclusive and comprehensive to encompass center-based care, home-based care, family, friend and neighbor care, as well as programs like Head Start, Pre-K and school-aged care. 

The approach allows the Clearinghouse to be positioned as an invaluable resource for identifying programs that can be advanced through Clearinghouse Implementation Grants and/or funding from other sources such as the Preschool Development Grant Birth through Five. By blending and braiding funding sources, OPSR has been able to extend the reach of previous Clearinghouse projects such as Reach Out & Read and Pyramid Model training across the state to improve outcomes for even more children.

Research Based

Early childhood programs and services which include study outcomes published in peer-reviewed journals.

Practice Based

Early childhood programs and services driven by industry wisdom, organizations, practice, or other consensus approaches that do not necessarily include systemic use of research evidence.

Innovative Ideas

Novel early childhood ideas that describe a plan or possible course of action but have not been put into practice or backed by research.


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