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The Oklahoma Clearinghouse for Early Childhood Success (Clearinghouse)

contains a collection of research-based and practice-based resources for a

broad range of audiences, including parents, relatives who care for children,

teachers, providers and policy-makers. These resources have been rated by the Clearinghouse Committees.


Beyond compiling a broad array of resources available, the Clearinghouse will drive innovation and improvement through implementation supports to providers of early childhood services. The Clearinghouse also provides opportunities for teachers, providers, parents, and others to submit innovative ideas for consideration and further exploration.


The Clearinghouse is part of the Oklahoma Partnership for School Readiness (OPSR) comprehensive approach. The OPSR vision is that all Oklahoma children are safe, healthy, eager to learn and ready to succeed by the time they enter school. The OPSR mission is to lead Oklahoma in coordinating an early childhood system that strengthens families and ensures all children are ready for school.

Focus, Topic Areas and Defined Outcomes

The Clearinghouse focuses on all formal and informal childcare and education services offered across settings (e.g., center-based; home-based; family, friend, and neighbor care; Head Start; Pre-K and school-aged care) that serve children from birth through age 8. The topic areas and defined outcomes will drive the submission requests and funding recommendations. In the early stages of the Clearinghouse, the focus is on early childhood settings. However, this may shift as topic areas and defined outcomes change. The Clearinghouse has a broad focus to prepare children for early childhood success so this makes expansion beyond these settings a possibility depending on availability of funding sources.

Requests for Submissions

Quarterly, the Clearinghouse requests submissions for research-based, practice-based and innovative ideas focused on a particular topic area and defined outcomes. Once the submission window closes, the Outcomes and Research Committee and Process and Implementation Committee review and rate the submissions. The ratings and submission summaries may be posted on the website for anyone to explore further. The Clearinghouse Committees will recommend the highest rated submissions for implementation supports and funding consideration. The Clearinghouse is building strong public/private partnerships to fund implementation supports.

The Clearinghouse website was designed with an easy to use point-and-click system to enable users to quickly identify the most relevant resources for their particular needs. Users can search by topic area, program or type of tools available (e.g. toolkits, on-line training, manuals, guides, etc.)

How will the Clearinghouse Define Best Practices?

Determining what practices are research-based or practice-based can be challenging. This is primarily because multiple definitions and criteria for determining each have been proposed, without universally accepted consensus. To add to the confusion, the terms best practices and promising practices have been added to the discussion without good, clear, universally accepted definitions. Although there is a need for dialogue that engages both academia and communities to develop universally accepted definitions and criteria, this discussion may take years to resolve. The sense of urgency about outcomes for children and families cannot wait.

Meanwhile, we created definitions for how the system can move forward now and use what is available.

What Implementation Support is Available to Providers?

Implementation support will vary depending on the submission. Some submissions may simply be listed on the website and available for review and consideration by anyone in the state or nation. For the submissions that move forward for consideration of implementation, the support could range from something simple like an on-line training module or implementation guide. Some highly-rated submissions may also result in training, coaching, fidelity reviews, or a learning collaborative. These are just some ideas, but this will vary based on the submission and proposal. Support will also vary according to the Process and Implementation’s review and recommendations and funding.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I submit my research, best practice or innovative idea?

A: The Clearinghouse will request proposals on selected topic areas and defined outcomes. The website includes an option to join the mailing list so you can be notified when requests are posted. The website contains a link to the submission form with instructions.

Q: Once I complete a submission, how long does it take to discover how it was rated?

A: The review process could take up to 90 days from the date the submission request window closes.

Q: This submission form is confusing. Can someone help me complete it?

A: Yes, Clearinghouse staff are available to assist with completing the form. You can email that request and someone will schedule a time to discuss your submission.

Q: I am an Oklahoma early childhood education provider, what supports are available and how do I access them?

A: The Clearinghouse is a library of sorts where you can search for information relevant to the topic you are interested in. The website was designed with an easy to use point-and-click system to enable users to quickly identify the most relevant resources for their particular needs. Users can search by topic area, program or type of tools available (e.g. toolkits, on-line training, manuals, guides, etc.).

Besides the website, implementation support will be available for selected programs, training, etc. The website will eventually include lots of information to help you get started along with contact information for Clearinghouse staff to assist with implementation.

Q: Do you work in other states to spread good ideas?

A: The Clearinghouse is a public website so anyone can review the submissions reviewed along with their ratings; however, implementation support is limited to Oklahoma providers.

Q: What if I don’t agree with how my submission was rated?

A: If you completed a submission and disagree with the rating, you may appeal your decision by emailing us at

Q: Is there anything available to support smaller home based child care centers?

A: Great question! Yes, we want to hear your innovative ideas and see your practice-based submissions. Clearinghouse staff are available to assist you in completing your submission. As submissions move through the process and implementation supports are created, we will make these available to all types of early childhood programs.

Q: How can I be part of the Clearinghouse Committees?

A: If you are interested in serving on one, please email

Q: If a practice is submitted and approved, does that mean Oklahoma will require me to implement in my home-based child care, child care center, Head Start or other early childhood learning program?

A: The Clearinghouse was built to drive innovation and quality along with options for early childhood programs. For a particular program, training, suggestion, etc. to become a licensing or contact requirement, it would be need to go through the licensing or contract agency’s process.

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