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Start Right – Finish Ahead

Date Submitted: 09/09/2021

Contact Information:

Erin Hines Early Childhood Educator


ThinkTune Inc.

408 Ash NW, Piedmont, OK 73078

Rating Category: Emerging Practice

Focus Area: Social Emotional Learning

Focus Population: Children, Teachers, Owners, Caregivers, Guardians, Administrator, Parents

Goals and Outcomes:

The goal of this this submission is to provide a 1-2 year program that has been tested for more than ten years in numbers of settings (homes, learning centers, schools, etc) for the EC age child. The program is designed to allow for an opportunity of success from a widely disparate group of children with a variety of pathways for learning. 

The suggested interaction between the children and their guide, (be it parents, teachers, home school leaders) are designed to use musical experiences for groups and individual children to help unify their concept formation. Therefore, it allows for an opportunity toward success from a widely disparate group perspective. It can help build confidence and care for learners who might not fit the norm.

The name of our program is All Aboard, the Music and Math Connection and Ally Dog Depot! (AAMMC/ADD) Now, more than ever, we know that families are struggling to keep the learning going in their homes. Our program has shown success in helping aid and developing a love of learning for all. Music can provide opportunities to impact behavior and strengthen learning by diving deeper into many topics including music concepts, movement, math, language and social/ emotional skills. Research and student observation show the power of engagement provided by interaction with music as it develops success in learning.

Our research has shown amazing outcomes in learning what could be considered the “hard” subjects. The All Aboard’s success speaks for itself as the program has been successful with approximately 17,000 students, over 10 years in the mid-United States.

Brief Summary:

To summarize our submission please see the bulleted list below:

  • A complete program ready for teacher or any leader who desires to share songs and fun with children ages 3-5. These materials have been developed since the late 1990’s.

  • All necessary classroom materials such as “Floor Graph,” recorded musical examples, teachers’ materials and detailed lesson plans, ongoing narrative and much more.

  • Supportive, independent research that displays success in multiple early childhood settings. The studies, conducted by independent scholars with individual equity, the focus on helping each child as they participate with their comfort and knowledge level.

  • Fun Character Cards that introduce new characters as the story progresses. Each character demonstrates the fun of knowing their particular concept. Then, the recorded music helps extend the memory of the child as well as building their individual comfort level with concepts.

  • All copyrighted materials are owned by the applicants who are native Oklahomans who live and work in Oklahoma.

  • Considerable materials are presented in our Appendixes for close familiarity with the flavor, as our materials demonstrate what the children refer to as real characters that they visit daily.

  • We intend to continue our teacher/child hotline where they can easily reach one of the authors for questions or comments. In the past, we’ve had wonderful response to this feature and our ongoing teacher training. The initial and ongoing teacher training will be available online.

  • Our target population is early childhood caregivers and families. Our program promotes and supports early childhood caregivers and families with meaningfully fun activities that help support their social emotional wellbeing, the child’s development, and encourages strong and healthy homes and relationships.

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